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24 HR Emergency Room New Braunfels

24 HR Emergency Room New Braunfels

Do you know how to find the best 24 hr emergency room New Braunfels? Planning ahead can help you stay calm and collected in medical emergencies. Being able to stay in control of the moment is crucial when you are seeking urgent care. Learn all you can about your local urgent care centers, including their various services. If you have certain medical needs, check to see that the center you choose can meet them. Parents with young children, for example, should ensure the clinic has pediatric services. Be sure you have an emergency room in mind should an accident occur.

24 Hour Emergency ER New Braunfels

There are a few things that not many people know about 24 hour urgent care. Knowledge of these facts often makes a trip the emergency room less stressful for many families. It can also help you to prepare yourself or your loved one for what’s ahead. For many people, this can relieve a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.


If you are looking for urgent care in New Braunfels, you can visit Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room. Lonestar24HrER has a team of board certified and experienced physicians ready to diagnose and treat you. They offer a wide range of emergency room specialties, including pediatric care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, visit them at 1751 Medical Way in the Westpointe Shopping Center. Prospective patients can contact them by phone at 713-481-6531. You can also visit them online to check in or learn more by visiting http://www.lonestar24hrer.com.


Fact #1: 24 Hour Urgent Care Facilities See Patients Based On Need Not Arrival Time


It is important to remember that 24 hour urgent care facilities see patients based on need. Triage nurses evaluate each patient’s medical needs as they arrive. Doctors will treat those with life-threatening or serious conditions first. Some patients may feel frustrated while waiting, especially if they have been there for a while. Waiting can also make some patients feel anxious about their conditions.


Being prepared for a bit of a wait can help make the experience less stressful. Many emergency rooms will post their average wait time online. Researching emergency rooms in advance can ensure you find a clinic with acceptable wait times. Bringing a book or other object can help keep your mind off your condition.


If you live in New Braunfels, you can visit Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Care. Their patients wait five minutes before seeing a doctor. This is one of the shortest wait times in the area. They also offer a wide range of emergency medicine specialties. You can learn more by visiting them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com. Prospective patients can contact their friendly staff by calling 713-481-6531.


Fact #2: It Is Important To Be Honest When Seeking Urgent Care In New Braunfels


Be sure you are honest with your health care team when seeking urgent care in New Braunfels. Some patients may feel embarrassed about certain aspects of their medical history. In other cases, patients may want to hide illegal drug use or abuse of prescription medications. However, it is crucial that your health care team know exactly what you have in your system. Certain medications may have adverse effects depending on what you have recently consumed.


Patients who are worried about the opinions of loved ones can always ask to speak with their doctor in private. Patients with lengthy or complex medical histories should prepare in advance. Write down important dates and medical procedures along with a list of current medications. If possible, bring this list with you when you attend the urgent care clinic. This knowledge will help the physicians determine the best course of treatment.


Patients can trust the doctors at Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Care to offer non-judgmental treatment. Each one of their physicians has over 10 years of experience in emergency room care. They have seen many different medical situations. This experience means they are able to quickly diagnose and treat most common ailments. You can learn more about their range of emergency care specialties by visiting them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com. You can also contact them by calling 713-481-6531.


Fact #3: Always Ask To Receive A Copy Of The Complete Urgent Care Instructions In Writing


Attending a complete urgent care facility can be daunting and overwhelming. Depending on your situation, you may have seen several different specialists during your stay. Each one may have given you with advice or instructions to help you heal. Trying to keep track of everything said can be difficult at the best of times. When you are ill and receiving emergency care, it can be almost impossible.


Instead of guessing or trying to piece together vague memories, ask the staff to write everything down. Written instructions are much easier to follow. Writing down their advice can give doctors a chance to clarify any miscommunications. Studies show that patients are more likely to comply with written instructions for a longer period of time. If you are hoping to heal faster, written instructions might help.


The physicians at Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room are happy to help patients remember aftercare instructions. You can contact their friendly staff by calling 713-481-6531. They can provide you with a copy upon check out and are happy to follow up with your family doctor. You can learn more about their variety of emergency room specialties by visiting http://www.lonester24hrer.com.


Finding The Best 24 Hr Emergency Room New Braunfels


Finding the best urgent care in New Braunfels can seem challenging at first. There are many clinics in the area from which to choose. Not every facility has the same standards when it comes to experience and skill level of their physicians. Take some time to review the websites of each clinic near you. Check for ones that offer services that match your family’s needs. You should also look for a facility with short wait times and fast lab processing. These qualities can make a huge difference for many patients.


Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room is happy to offer patients high quality emergency care. Their wait times are approximately five minutes or less. Each one of their doctors has at least 10 years of experience in emergency medicine. They each possess board certifications as well. You can learn more by visiting them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com. Prospective patients can contact their office staff by calling 713-481-6531. If you are looking for a 24 hour emergency room New Braunfels, look no further than Lonestar24HrEr.


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