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24 HR Emergency Care Canyon Lake

24 HR Emergency Care Canyon Lake

Are you a first-time parent looking for 24 hr emergency care Canyon Lake? If so, be sure you find a facility that offers pediatric services. Hospitals that do not provide this particular specialty may not be able to treat your child. Pediatric physicians have more training in this area of medicine. They are in a much better position to treat your child than those without that experience.


Many travel agents recommend finding Canyon Lake urgent care as a key part of planning your vacation. Having a location in mind can remove a lot of stress from travelling with an infant. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, even on vacation. Not every illness warrants a trip to the emergency room. Some are best treated at home or by a family physician. There are, however, a few symptoms that always demand urgent medical care. If you see any of the following symptoms in your infant, head to a nearby emergency room right away.


Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room is proud to offer pediatric emergency care as one of its many specialties. You can find Lonestar24HrER conveniently located at 1751 Medical Way, in the Westpointe Shopping Center. Lonestar24HrER is one of the best hospitals in the Canyon Lake area. They offer many types of specialized emergency care, suitable for almost any medical need. You can learn more by visiting them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com. Prospective patients or parents with concerns about their infants can call 713-481-6531.

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Visit A Hospital In Canyon Lake If You Notice Discoloration Or Breathing Difficulties


Parents of children of any age should never take breathing difficulties lightly. Children experience breathing difficulties for a number of reasons. In older children it may be due to asthma or overexertion. In infants, however, it may be a sign of serious or severe respiratory distress. Seek out Canyon Lake urgent care immediately if you notice your child exhibiting abnormal breathing patters.


Discoloration around the mouth is also another sign that you should seek out emergency care. Cyanosis occurs when a baby is unable to receive enough oxygen. Their lips, tongue and the inside of their mouths may turn blue. Even if your child’s breathing seems normal, you should still contact emergency services. You may want to find one nearby that offers both pediatric services and has respiratory specialists on staff.


Parents can visit Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room for all their urgent care needs. Lonestar24HrER has many specialties relating to emergency care, including pediatric and respiratory. They are able to diagnose patients fast, with wait times an average of five minutes. The hospital can process laboratory results quickly, with blood tests results returned in minutes. You can learn more by contacting Lonestar24HrER at 713-481-6531. Prospective patients can visit them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com.


Look For A Canyon Lake Emergency Room If Your Baby Has A High Fever


Older children may get a fever for any number of reasons. Not all of them warrant a trip to a Canyon Lake emergency room. Most parents are able to treat mild fevers at home, using over the counter medication and insisting on rest. However, fevers in younger children are far more serious. In newborns, they are often the first sign of serious diseases like meningitis.


How high is too high? Generally speaking, pediatricians advise seeking treatment for temperatures of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.  When you bring your newborn to the hospital, you can expect an array of tests to be performed. In severe cases, doctors may have to perform a spinal tap to get fluids for diagnostic tests. Most doctors will prescribe a course of antibiotics administered by IV as well.


Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room is here for parents experiencing medical crises. They can help you get access to care fast. Their wait times are an average of five minutes. They also can boast lightening fast lab processing speeds. As a result, you can spend less time waiting for answers. Your doctor can instead focus on treating your child and helping them heal. You can learn more by calling 713-481-6531 today. Parents interested in learning more can visit them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com.


Seek Out Canyon Lake Urgent Care If Your Infant is Dehydrated


Parents should always look for Canyon Lake urgent care if they think their infant may be dehydrated. Generally speaking, an infant older than six days should produce six wet diapers a day. Anything less than that is cause for alarm, especially if it happens fast. Other symptoms of dehydration in infants include dry mouth, sunken eyes, and a sudden lack of energy.


It is important to seek out emergency services as soon as possible. When adults and older children are dehydrated, they usually try to self-treat by increasing water consumption. This approach can be fatal for infants, making medical intervention crucial. Using water to treat dehydration in a baby can result in lowered sodium levels. In turn, this can cause potentially life-threatening seizures. Doctors may recommend fluids through an IV or increased feedings depending on the severity.


If you are concerned about your child’s health, visit Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room. Each and every one of their doctors has board certifications and over 10 years of experience in emergency medicine. Lonestar24HrER also boasts one of the fastest labs in the states. They can return blood results within minutes, and preliminary radiology reports in less than an hour. This type of speed is a blessing for many parents, as it can relieve the stress of not knowing. Contact Lonestar24HrER by calling 713-481-6531 today. You can also learn more by visiting them online at http://www.lonestar24hrer.com.


Finding The Perfect 24 Hr Emergency Care Canyon Lake


Finding the best Canyon Lake emergency care for your family does not have to be difficult. It also does not need to be time consuming. Look for a hospital that offers a wide variety of emergency room specialties. This will increase the chance that they can skillfully treat your or your loved one’s condition. Parents should look for urgent care facilities that offer pediatric specialties. This is the best way to ensure that your child receives excellent care.


If you are in the Canyon Lake area, you can visit Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room. Their highly qualified and experienced staff can treat your family fast. Short wait times and fast access to results can take the stress out of hospital visits. You can learn more by calling them at 713-481-6531 or visiting http://www.lonestar24hrer.com.  If you are looking for 24 hr emergency care Canyon Lake, contact Lonestar24HrER.


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